Floral Print Mini Jute Purse

Floral Print Mini Jute Purse

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Floral Print Mini Jute Purse

Floral Fantasy Pouch


  • 100% Natural Jute- All jute bags for shopping with zip are made by 100% Jute
  • Which ethically and socially compliant - .Reuseable, Eco-Friendly And Bio Degradable .
  • This collection have inner lamination done to make it water resistant, which makes it easy to carry anything for daily use.
  • The jute bags for shopping are foldable, collapsible which makes storage and organization easy and accessible.
  • Classy. Eco-friendly. Multipurpose. Our jute pouches can be used as a money purse!
  • Length=8cm , Width=3.3cm , Height=10cm

The Floral Print Mini Jute Purse combines the rustic charm of jute with the delicate beauty of floral patterns, creating a unique and stylish accessory. 

Crafted from natural jute fibers, the purse has a textured, earthy feel that exudes eco-friendly elegance. Jute's sturdy yet flexible nature gives the purse durability while maintaining a lightweight quality.

The purse features a vibrant floral print that contrasts beautifully against the neutral jute background. The floral patterns, in shades of pastel or bold colors, are intricately woven or printed onto the fabric

As a mini purse, it is designed to be compact yet practical. The size is perfect for carrying essentials such as keys, phone, and small wallet, making it ideal for casual outings or evening events where a lighter accessory is preferred.

It may have a secure closure, such as a zipper or magnetic snap, ensuring that your belongings are safely tucked away. The purse may also feature additional details like decorative tassels, beads, or embroidery, adding to its charm and individuality.

Despite its small size, the purse offers functionality with well-organized interior compartments or pockets, providing enough space for essentials without compromising on style.

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