Floral Print Jute Hand/Lunch Bag

Floral Print Jute Hand/Lunch Bag

Product Code: Floral Print Jute Hand/Lunch Bag
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Floral Print Jute Hand/Lunch Bag

Floral Fusion Tote


  • Beautifully hand-crafted Jute Bag made with high-quality jute. 
  • Secure Zip Closure - Bag has a stylish secure zip closure which protects your essentials.
  • These bags are more versatile than other options simply because of their combination of size and durability.
  • The bags have double rope handles and a Velcro for closure. 
  • Hand printed by using eco- friendly inks, handcrafted by using simple tools and sustainable design support traditional arts and crafts techniques of local people.
  • They’re lightweight enough that they’re easy to carry around and sturdy enough to last through shopping trips. You can even use them for non-food items if you’re looking for a nice tote.
  • Reusable and Sustainable Say goodbye to single-use bags.
  • It's a very good bag for working, short travelling and daily using
  • Length=9.cm , Width=4cm , Height=11.5cm

A Floral Print Jute Hand/Lunch Bag blends natural charm with practical elegance. Imagine a sturdy jute fabric adorned with vibrant floral patterns, intricately woven into its surface. The bag likely features a spacious main compartment, ideal for carrying essentials like a lunchbox or personal items. Its handles are probably sturdy yet comfortable, ensuring easy carrying throughout the day. This bag is not just a practical accessory but also a stylish statement piece, bringing a touch of nature-inspired beauty wherever it goes

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