Drums Print Jute Carry/Lunch Bag

Drums Print Jute Carry/Lunch Bag

Product Code: Drums Print Jute Carry/Lunch Bag
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Drums Print Jute Carry/Lunch Bag

Hand Crafted Jute Bag


  • Beautifully hand-crafted Jute Bag made with high-quality jute. 
  • Secure Zip Closure - Bag has a stylish secure zip closure which protects your essentials.
  • Natural Classic Elegant look. Main closure with Anti-slide zipper lock and reinforced handles.
  • Reusable And Eco-Friendly - Helps you do your part in protecting the Environment by not throwing away paper and plastic bags.
  • The bags have double rope handles and a Velcro for closure. 
  • Hand printed by using eco- friendly inks, handcrafted by using simple tools and sustainable design support traditional arts and crafts techniques of local people.
  • They’re lightweight enough that they’re easy to carry around and sturdy enough to last through shopping trips. You can even use them for non-food items if you’re looking for a nice tote.
  • Reusable and Sustainable Say goodbye to single-use bags!
  • Length=9.1cm , Width=4cm , Height=12cm
A jute drums print carry/lunch bag typically features a charming and eco-friendly design. Imagine a sturdy rectangular bag made from natural jute fibers, known for their durability and sustainability. The exterior showcases a whimsical print of various drum patterns, adding a touch of artistic flair.

The bag is spacious enough to carry essential items such as a lunch box, water bottle, and small personal belongings. It usually has comfortable handles or straps for easy carrying, making it convenient for daily use. The earthy texture and neutral color of jute complement the vibrant drum prints, creating a harmonious blend of style and functionality.

Inside, the bag may feature a simple, practical layout with a single compartment or additional pockets for organization. Its eco-friendly nature makes it a popular choice among those who prioritize sustainable products, offering a green alternative to conventional lunch bags.

Overall, a jute drums print carry/lunch bag is not just a practical accessory but also a statement piece that reflects eco-consciousness and artistic taste. It combines natural materials with creative design, making it ideal for anyone who appreciates both style and sustainability in their everyday essentials.

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