Brand New HP 250 G9 i3 12th Gen

Brand New HP 250 G9 i3 12th Gen

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Brand New HP 250 G9 i3 12th Gen

Windows 11 SL With 15" Screen

Product Specification:

Brand                           :         HP 250 G9

Condition                    :         Brand New

Processor                   :         Intel i3

Generation                  :       12th

RAM                             :       8GB RAM

Hard Disk                    :       512GB SSD

Operating System      :       Windows 11 SL

Display Size                :       15" HD LED Screen

Colour                         :        Silver Colour

Warranty                     :        1 Year With Bag


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     HP 250 G9 i3 12th Gen Windows 11 SL

Processor: Powered by the Intel Core i3 12th generation processor, this laptop offers a balance of performance and efficiency, making it suitable for everyday tasks and multitasking.

Display: Featuring a 15-inch screen, the laptop offers ample screen real estate for work, entertainment, and browsing. The size is ideal for productivity tasks and media consumption.

Design: The HP 250 G9 is designed with functionality and durability in mind. Its sleek and professional appearance makes it suitable for both professional and personal use. The sturdy build ensures it can withstand daily wear and tear.

Operating System: The laptop comes pre-installed with the latest version of Windows, providing a familiar and user-friendly interface for effortless navigation and access to a wide range of applications.

Connectivity: Equipped with essential ports including USB, HDMI, and audio ports, the HP 250 G9 allows for seamless connectivity with external devices such as monitors, printers, and speakers. It also supports wireless connectivity via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, enabling hassle-free connections to the internet and other devices.

Storage and Memory: With ample storage space and memory, users can store their files, documents, and multimedia content without worrying about running out of space. The generous memory ensures smooth performance even when running multiple applications simultaneously.

Battery Life: The laptop offers decent battery life, allowing users to work or enjoy entertainment on the go without constantly worrying about recharging.

Security Features: The HP 250 G9 comes with built-in security features to safeguard user data and privacy, providing peace of mind in today's digital world

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